Panchakarma is an incredible gift to give yourself or a loved one. All the therapies are nurturing and feel absolutely wonderful. Your Panchakarma is a period when you can stop the routine of daily life and take time for yourself. It is an opportunity to unwind and release long held toxins, worries and memories. This is an opportunity for you to create optimal health in all areas of your life. A time to reflect on life and determine if the life you are living is truly good for you, and if it is not, a time to make positive changes.

There is preparation prior to Panchakarma. Please see Preparation for Panchakarma for details.

If possible, arrive the day before your Panchakarma begins. This allows the body to adjust to new surroundings and to relax from the stress of traveling. Come to the clinic and check-in either the day before treatments begin or 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment the first day of treatment. Any financial matters need to be settled before treatment begins.


Your treatment session will be at the same time each day so as to establish a regular routine for your body. Please arrive on time as others are also scheduled for Panchakarma. Your treatments for the day may have to be abbreviated if you arrive late. There are no refunds for missed appointments.

The first treatment day will begin with an in-depth interview and assessment so that we may determine how you have progressed since your preliminary assessment. Based on your earlier assessment and this interview, we will prepare an overall treatment plan specifically for you. You will receive an assessment each day with either Susan or Jeff Turner prior to receiving your treatments so that we may monitor your progress. It may be necessary to modify the plan, sometimes daily, as your body changes and evolves throughout Panchakarma. This insures that you receive the maximum benefit and healing. Your treatment plan is based on your level of health, your imbalances and your health concerns. Your treatment plan will typically include the following treatments which will be modified and administered to match your specific circumstances.

Snehana - Ayurvedic Massage
We provide a wonderful and powerful form of Ayurvedic massage. Organic herbalized oils selected to bring harmony to your physical, mental and emotional balance are formulated with botanicals to enhance and potentate their effects. We make all of our oils in-house to insure quality, purity and to insure that you have the perfect oil for your condition. The oils are warmed and applied to the body according to Ayurvedic discipline. Our treatments combine massage with marma energy point stimulation to enhance the cleansing effects. We also have over 50 essential oils that we use to incorporate aroma therapies. This treatment begins the process of moving toxins from the deep tissues to the GI tract for elimination. The massage is performed by either Susan or Jeff Turner and another therapist, working in choreographed unison to bring balance and integration to both sides of the body. It feels incredible!

Swedana - Herbal Oil & Steam
Two different steam treatments are applied following the massage. No other clinic or institute offers this level of care. An organic herbal decoction is blended specifically for your constitution. As with the massage treatment, two therapists work in choreographed unison on each side of the body applying the steam decoction to all the joints in the body with equipment designed especially for Living Ayurveda.

You are then placed in a steam cabinet that bathes the body with yet another herbal decoction. The steam opens the body channels allowing the herbs and oil to deeply penetrate along with their healing properties. The sweating purifies the body by removing deep seated toxins. This treatment has classically been used for arthritis as well as areas of chronic pain and leaves one feeling wonderfully relaxed.

Shirodhara - A Wonderful Experience
A luxurious and deeply calming experience of having a fine stream of warm oil poured continuously over the forehead. This stimulates the release of neurotransmitters which deeply relax the body, melting tensions and alleviating discomfort in the head, neck and shoulder areas as well as engendering profound feelings of pleasure, inner balance and mental clarity. Here again, the oil is custom formulated for you personally. This treatment helps to release mental and emotional memories and toxins to insure a total mind and body purification.

Nasya - Deep Healing Facial
A facial treatment using specially formulated oils combined with gentle heat. Specific marma energy points are stimulated and herbal drops are applied to the nasal passages. This technique banishes dark circles under the eyes and alleviates intractable neck tension. It brings a fullness and freshness to the face and eyes and can relieve sinus issues and insomnia. This treatment has a direct effect on the brain and mind to create calm and release toxins.

Netra Basti – Eye Care

This is a wonderful eye care. While lying on the back, a “dough nut” ring made of specific flours and water is placed around the eye. A herbalized ghee is then poured into the “dough nut” and forms a pool of ghee over the eye. The technique eases and relaxes eye tension and irritation. It strengthens the eye muscles and produces clarity in vision.


Body Basti

These bastis are often quite beneficial wherever there is joint or muscle pain. As with the Netra Basti, a wheat “dough nut” is placed around the effected area. Special medicated penetrating oils made in-house are used for this technique. An oil specific to your condition is heated and poured into the ring. The oil is then drawn off, re-heated and poured back in the ring. This is done several times, each time the oil temperature is increased as the body adjusts to the heat. These bastis are perfect for long term chronic conditions.

Udvartana – The Ultimate Body Scrub

This technique is classically used for excess physical and emotional kapha conditions that may have symptoms  similar to lethargy, depression and congestion. The technique begins with Snehana (oil) and Swedana (steam). A rough cut herb paste is placed on the skin and rubbed with great vigor, pressure and speed. The application is adjusted for each individual’s particular condition. It leaves the body and mind feeling invigorated, refreshed, alive and clear.

Lepana – Topical Pastes and Wraps

This technique is classically used for sprains, sore joints and stiff and aching muscles. Snehana (oil) and Swedana (steam) are first applies to the effected area. An herbal paste specific to your condition is applied. Then hot compresses steamed in an herbal decoction are laid over the paste. Fresh hot compresses are continually applied to move the herbs into the body and the effected area.

Rakta Moksha
Classical Ayurveda teaches that the body benefits from the removal of a small amount of blood at the completion of Panchakarma. The theory is that the small reduction stimulates additional deep cleansing and also stimulates the body to produce new clean blood. This treatment is somewhat controversial in the eyes of modern medicine so we do not offer this service directly. A similar effect can be had if you elect to have blood drawn for diagnostic testing done in our Medical Clinic.

You will do a daily herbal tea basti, a small enema, all supplies will be provided. Basti is self-administered in the privacy of your own bathroom. Detailed instructions will be provided, and we can assist you if you like. Please do not be concerned about the bastis. These are small volume, a cup or less and very simple and easy to administer. The bastis serve two purposes. They do a gentle cleansing to help remove the toxins that the treatments are bringing to the GI tract each day, and they also nourish the body. This is a very effective method of transporting the medicinal properties to the body without impacting digestion.

The daily treatments have a cumulative effect of bringing more toxins to the GI tract as Panchakarma progresses. There will come an optimal point during Panchakarma when the toxins "ripen" and are ready to be removed. A herbal formula will be created for your particular condition to insure a thorough elimination. This treatment is particularly effective for balancing inflammatory conditions.


The treatment rooms are kept pleasantly warm to insure your comfort and relaxation. Music is available during your treatments and you are welcome to bring your own CD's if you like.

You may shower after your treatment if you choose. Almost all of the oil will have been absorbed into the body after the two steam treatments. There is a therapeutic benefit to leaving the small amount of oil left on the surface of the skin for a few hours after treatment, unless otherwise specified.

Food and Herbs

All your meals will be provided during Panchakarma. You will follow a simple organic diet of kitcheri (mung beans and rice), plenty of fresh vegetables and herbal teas. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or allergy concerns, accommodation will be made. Kitcheri is an essential component of Panchakarma. It provides a near perfect protein balance so the body is very well nourished. It is easy to digest thus giving the digestive tract a rest and it has the special benefit of creating a "cleansing vacuum" in the digestive tract pulling in the toxins from all over the body. Please bring a thermos with you so that you may have hot teas in the evenings and early morning. Your meals will be provided in stainless "to go" containers so that you can take you day's meals with you after treatment. You can also pickup your meals in the morning should you have an afternoon treatment schedule.

We may recommend special herbal preparations and formulas during Panchakarma. We ask that you take a break from other herbs, vitamins and supplements during Panchakarma. Please advise us prior to your arrival of all medications that you are taking.


You will receive a private yoga session designed specifically for your constitution and areas of imbalance. This will be a routine that you can do everyday during Panchakarma. Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences that synergistically compliment and increase the benefits of both.

Ayurveda is a holistic science and the effects of Panchakarma impact not only the body but extend to the mind, emotions and spirit. It is common for clients to report increased awareness of the body, greater attention to the effects of certain foods on digestion and shifts in mental and emotional states after implementing the recommendations following the preliminary assessment. These changes often continue throughout Panchakarma. Old memories and issues may arise, they may cause one to feel uncomfortable or unsettled. Emotions of anger, sadness, joy, happiness, and grief may surface with or without a related memory. Physical symptoms of past injuries and illness may reappear. This is simply the release of unresolved issues that are finally completing their process. It is wise to remember that these feelings and emotions are simply saying goodbye as they leave. They are best met with awareness and compassion for yourself and others. Contemplation, meditation, yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises) and being silent in the beautiful nature of the Monterey Peninsula help these pieces of the past to move on so that the body, mind and spirit can heal and be at peace. Please let us know when issues arise, either during the daily assessment or even during treatments. These changes are often important information that we want to know so that your treatment plan can be adapted accordingly. If appropriate, we may recommend additional treatments and therapies to assist in total healing.

Energy levels may change as your progress through Panchakarma. It is normal to feel a little tired at some point during Panchakarma as the body begins to release toxins.

It is best to keep stimulation to a minimum during this healing process. TV, computer work, telephone and talking should be a minimized. Sex and vigorous exercise is better avoided during the preparation, active treatment and the week following Panchakarma. Beneficial activities are rest, relaxation, reading, journaling, meditation, walking, and gentle yoga postures. Remember, this is a time of total healing, use it wisely.


Panchakarma builds a healing momentum during treatment and continues after you return home. You will have an exit interview at the completion of Panchakarma. We will provide you with a complete routine including dietary suggestions, supportive herbal formulas and exercise and yoga recommendations to follow as you re-enter your normal life. This will support the continuation of your cleansing. It is common for some aspects of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing to continue for weeks, even months. You may observe that life is back to normal and then something pops up. Panchakarma is very powerful, you will never be the same after giving yourself this gift. Recognize these "pops" as signs of your good work and effort, be conscious and enjoy these new perspectives.

We will continue to support you after you return home. Panchakarma is a powerful and important component of your overall health plan. Your lifestyle after you return home is another. We will assist you as you implement the recommendations provided during your exit interview. Often questions arise about changes in diet, food preparation and the follow up home treatments. We are always available to answer questions and address concerns.

Panchakarma is not appropriate during menses. Please check your calendar and contact us if you have questions or concerns. A limited number of treatments can be provided if menses should occur during Panchakarma. No refunds will be made should menses occur during Panchakarma.