What Others Have to Say About Living Ayurveda


I just finished my first panchakarma and I have already rescheduled for another!
I never knew I could feel this good until now. I am renewed beyond belief. The program has allowed me to connect with my body and soul to find a peaceful balance between my personal needs and my lifestyle demands. Jeff and Susan have given me the guidance to heal myself using natural therapies resulting in breaking my dependency on ambien and synthetic estrogen. Detoxifying and purifying my body has encouraged me to approach my life in a more mindful and nourishing way. This is a very powerful, life changing experience that I highly recommend. You will love it! - Rhonda R.

The work I have done with Jeff and Susan Turner and Living Ayurveda has been life changing and saving. I had been alternative in my approach to health for many, many years prior to meeting and working with them. The thing that Ayurveda did for me is to bring it all together. Through the Turner's gentle, thorough, caring and teaching approach, I began to learn about my body type and began to trust the results that my body experienced by following the rather simple guidelines. Just months after meeting them, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and they saw me through the entire treatment and recovery by gently leading me towards the foods, supplements, exercises and general daily habits that gave my body every chance for full recovery. It has been four years now and I can say that Ayurveda has become a natural way of living and approaching life and I have learned to listen more closely to my body in a way that allows me to notice signs and symptoms of an imbalance before it becomes a major issue, and I can always count on Jeff and Susan to listen and respond in a thoughtful, nurturing, timely and healthy way. I recommend them, Ayurveda and their approach to it without hesitation. - Linda Y.

Jeff & Susan Turner are Ayurvedic Practitioners of the highest order. A wonderful couple who totally know what they're doing. I recommend you sign on with them immediately for a cornucopia of improved health. I've enjoyed several Panchakarmas at Living Ayurveda; they were among the best healing & rejuvenating experiences I've ever had. I'm happily endorse Jeff & Susan Turner. - Kirk H.

I cannot endorse the practice of the Turners at Living Ayurveda too highly. It has been an opportunity for me to get a new lease on life--to put my daily activities in line with my overall health goals. Doing Panchakarma on a regular basis is a wonderful way to have a genuine cleansing experience and to learn to take charge of your own healing process. I can't think of a better way to have a "vacation" and self-reward at the same time! Carol M.