Preparation for Panchakarma

Preparation prior to Panchakarma is very important and insures that you will receive the best results possible.We will ask you to participate in a preliminary health assessment prior to scheduling your Panchakarma so that we may have an accurate understanding of your present health and health concerns, and to confirm that Panchakarma is right for you. The health assessment can be completed by telephone.

We like to conduct the preliminary health assessment as much in advance of Panchakarma as possible. Many clinics and institutes simply schedule your appointment and then do a rudimentary assessment after you arrive for Panchakarma. We want to fully understand your health concerns in order to make pre-Panchakarma preparation recommendations of diet, herbs, exercise and self-administered home treatments. These preparations optimize your digestion and begin the cleansing process. One of the primary methods of detoxification during Panchakarma is to move toxins from the deep tissues into the gastrointestinal tract for final elimination, so good digestion is essential. Beginning your cleansing early and optimizing you digestion allows us to use the time during Panchakarma to aggressively address you health concerns rather than trying to get your body ready for Panchakarma after you arrive.

A health history questionnaire will be forwarded to you. This is to be completed in as much detail as possible and returned before the preliminary health assessment. Please take your time when completing the questionnaire. Often forgotten health issues will be remembered after initially completing the form.

Panchakarma is contraindicated under certain health circumstances.

Panchakarma is not appropriate during menses. Please check you calendar and contact us if you have questions or concerns. A limited number of treatments can be provided if menses should occur during Panchakarma. No refunds will be made should menses occur during Panchakarma.

One Week Before Panchakarma
You will have one week of more intensive home preparation prior to starting active treatments. The week prior to Panchakarma is very important as it prepares the body to release toxins and allows us work at deeper levels. You will receive specific instructions for your preparation after your assessment.

Things to Bring
Please bring a hat or cap to keep your head warm and some loose warm clothes that you can layer for temperature control. It is important that you do not get cold. Bring clothes and a cap that you do not mind getting oily. Please bring good walking or hiking footgear. The Monterey Peninsula is gorgeous with a great variety of walks and hikes. Being outdoors is particularly restorative during this time.

Please bring a thermos so that you can have ginger tea for the evening and morning.

Situated at the edge of Monterey Bay, the Monterey Peninsula boasts a moderate temperate weather pattern which averages 57 degrees Fahrenheit / 12.5 degrees Centigrade year-round. Temperatures increase significantly as one ventures inland toward Carmel Valley. During the summer months, morning fog on the Monterey Peninsula is the rule rather than the exception, although it usually burns off by mid-day. Spring and autumn are clear and sunny. The "rainy season" occurs between November and April, with the average peninsula rainfall around 17 inches per year.

The area's climate and lifestyle encourages comfortable, light- to medium-weight clothing year-round. Temperatures fall off rapidly as the sun goes down, and jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts are strongly advised if you plan to be outdoors in the evenings. Plan to dress in layers as this allows one to adjust as the temperature changes. It is common for body temperatures to fluctuate during Panchakarma.

It is beneficial to state your intent for your Panchakarma prior to the beginning of Panchakarma. Perhaps offer a prayer or create a small offering to the universe to commence and honor the deep healing that you are giving to yourself. In this way your intentions are expressed to the universe to replenish your natural energies by the cleansing body, mind, and heart. The expression of intentions is one of the most powerful ways that we can communicate with the universe. When our intent is clear and of a positive nature, it serves to help us heal and grow.

We suggest that you bring a journal, art supplies, meditative and healing books and any other resources that you find beneficial to this healing process.

There are certain conditions where Panchakarma is generally not advised. The specific circumstances of each case need to be considered and evaluated. This is not a comprehensive list as it is impossible to anticipate all health issues. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Active Infection
Active internal bleeding
Active tuberculosis
Acute fever
Congestive Heart Failure
Infectious disease
Menstruation during the days of hands on treatments.
Morbidly obese
Organ transplantation.
Receiving chemotherapy or Radiation (1 Year post chemotherapy)
Uncontrolled Hypertension
Unhealed fractures