Susan and Jeff Turner established their comprehensive health clinic, Living Ayurveda, in 1998 to provide high quality, personalized, compassionate, hands-on health care. They understand the frustration that many people have experienced with the impersonal, hurried healthcare that is all too common today. Providing a safe, comfortable, professional environment that allows and encourages each client to actively participate in their own healthcare is essential to creating truly good health.

There is no standard universal answer that works every time for any given health issue. Cookbook algorithm-based medicine, i.e. if-you-have this-disease-take-this-drug, simply is not effective. Unfortunately this has become the norm.

The optimal health solution to the health issue you are experiencing is one that includes, as part of the that solution, the acknowledgment that you are a unique human being, and recognizes that you have a personal and unique predisposition to health and diseases in specific areas. And that your response to treatment will also be unique.

You must also be well informed so that you may participate in the creation of your treatment plan. We take the time to get to know you and understand your health concerns. With that information in hand we then we provide a great deal of education to insure that you are informed. We encourage and in fact require your active participation to insure that your solution is both effective and a good match for you and your busy life. The result is a positive and holistic approach that assists you in attaining a happier, healthier and more harmonious life, and truly living in harmony with your own unique nature.

Today many people are seeing the wisdom and practicality of a more holistic and complete approach that addresses the actual cause of disease, rather than a narrowly focused, symptom only, pharmaceutical intervention. We take this holistic approach and arrive at a functional medicine solution specific to your health issues. Functional medicine focuses on that area between optimal health and manifested disease. Often clients come in and say ”I’m not really sick, but something is not right” and then go on to describe a number of symptoms such as the ones listed below. It is in this area of functional health that we have the opportunity to detect imbalances early on and introduce preemptive corrective measures to bring the body back to health before actual disease occurs. This is the area where we focus our work and it is quite effective.

There are two major factors that determine if disease arises;

our genetic disposition.
the choices we make everyday.

For years medical science has held that our genetic disposition is fixed and unchangeable . Recent research clearly demonstrates that choices can greatly influence and even modify our genetic code! (This is an amazing study showing how changes in diet and lifestyle radically decreases the incidence of diabetes in genetically diabetic-prone mammals.) Our choices about food, lifestyle, stress levels, hormones and the entire list of lifestyle choices, the choices we make everyday, create genetic messaging signals

Our daily choices can either reinforce or counter our genetic tendencies, for better or worse. For example, a person may have a family history of heart disease, or a personal history of lung illness. Their daily choices will either encourage heart issues to arise, or not, and influence whether lung problems continue, or not. We absolutely have a choice in determining our level of health.

How do we make better choices? We all want better health, but the question of how to get there can be a quandary. This is the most often asked questions we hear is, “Is (you fill in the blank) good?”, “Is vitamin C good?”, “Is this diet good?”, “Is running good?” We hear this everyday. And of course the actual question people are asking, Is it good for me? And the “me” in this question is important because the answer is unique and personal to each person. What may be good for one person will not necessarily be appropriate for another. So how does one know if something is specifically appropriate for them?

Ayurveda provides the answers!

Ayurveda is a medical system originating from India that has been in continuous practice for more than 5000 years. While a very old system, it provides a fresh perspective to today’s challenging health issues. In India, Ayurveda is a 7-8 year university degreed medical program with the same major areas of study as that our of modern medicine schools. Ayurveda will soon be a licensed medical profession here in the US. A significant distinction between the two is that the focus of Ayurveda is maintaining good health. It is preventative medicine with the emphasis on early detection and taking action before disease occurs.

We all know that we are each different, we are unique. We each have a unique makeup, i.e. physical build, mental intellect and emotional bent. This is the consequence of our genetic constitution. Common sense tells us that with all our unique differences, our solutions to health issues must be unique. Ayurveda provides a structure and method to identify your unique nature, your genetic constitution. With this information we then create health solutions that are personally specific to you. This personal solution addresses your specific situation and we include guidance and education so that through your better choices you experience the return of vitality and achieve optimal health. Additionally, this Ayurvedic process corrects imbalances in the body and removes the actual cause of disease instead of just treating symptoms. And since the solution is your personal solution, the only side effects are good health!

We also integrate modern medical diagnostic testing, blood tests, hormone panels and Applied Kinesiology with Ayurveda to provide a truly comprehensive, “ancient wisdom / modern science” solution. We are very excited to add electronic body composition testing as one of our medical diagnostic tools.

Our clients have found our expertise and their personal involvement to be a winning combination in resolving a wide range of health concerns:

cholesterol and blood sugar issues
digestive and allergy problems
weight control, vitality and endurance
environmental toxicity and skin care
fatigue, poor sleep and premature aging
arthritis, structural, joint and muscle pain
kidney and bladder weakness
mental and emotional imbalances
sinus, asthma and lung disturbances
chronic, vague, difficult conditions

At Living Ayurveda we offer you the opportunity to experience healing, rejuvenation and renewal. We will direct each step in your path to wellness with specific, individualized recommendations designed to achieve balance within your unique body/mind system. We are committed to delivering excellent service and information to insure your best health. Recognizing you as a special and unique human being is absolutely the foundation of Ayurveda and our business philosophy.

We are proud to announce that we are the first health-care providers in California to meet the requirements and to be certified as Ayurvedic Doctors by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. Please see our bios for more information regarding our training and experience.

Please contact us today to begin your powerful journey to health.