Detox 360 Group Cleanse
Experiencing Any of These Symptoms?
Allergies? Brain Fog?
Gas, Burping, Bloating, Stomach Pain? Fatigue/ Sluggishness?
Elevated Blood Sugar Levels? Headaches/ Migraines?
Elevated Blood Pressure? Achy joints and muscles?
Elevated Cholesterol? Skin Problems, Acne?
There are more varied demands on our health than ever before. These demands have been brought on by the ever-increasing pollution in our air, water, and food supply, as well as the stresses which affect our mental, emotional and overall well-being. The overall effect is a “toxic cocktail” which can weaken the body and mind, making them more susceptible to disease and stress. To achieve the best results possible, it is important to address all levels of toxicity as well as support healthy changes in diet and lifestyle.
Detox 360 is a specially developed detox program which integrates five key approaches to achieve goals.
Education - Five (5) weekly classes, one each week, at our office and live online, to guide and monitor your progress. We review your goals at the beginning of the cleanse and check-in every week to insure you are on-track. New educational topics are introduced every week. The cleanse is a lot of fun, get your friends and family members to join in!
Group Support - Share your experiences and learn through other group members.
Dietary support of the body’s detox processes with an emphasis on whole foods, plus elimination of known inflammatory and allergenic foods, which have are known to inhibit weight loss.
Lifestyle practices which support detox.
Supplement intensive support of total body vitality and specifically liver, kidney and detox pathways.
The Detox 360 Cleanse Kit is incuded and has everything you need for a trouble-free, easy to achieve, great detox!

Program Cost


Includes 5 weekly classes

Guidance & Coaching, Manual & Supplements

Classes are at our office
205 Montecito Avenue
Monterey, CA 93940
Classes begin on Wednesday, Oct 16 at 6:30 pm
and the next 4 Wednesdays
10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13 - all @ 6:30 pm
Educational Binder
2 DVD’s
Food Journals
Goal Setting
Meal plans
Supportive Supplementation to enhance detoxification
  ClearVite™ is a scientifically designed formula offering hypoallergenic nutrients, enzymatic cofactors, metabolic precursors, and herbal compounds scientifically evaluated and selected to support liver detoxication reactions and the biliary system.‡ It incorporates various nutrients that support metabolic pathways and the immune system.‡ It also includes protein and amino acids that help reduce temporary fluctuations of blood sugar that may normally occur between meals.‡

OmegaCo3™ is a unique formula that includes 950 mg of omega-3 (EPA and DHA) and omega-6 (GLA) fatty acids per serving, as well as vitamins, minerals, and the amino acid taurine. The oil is sourced from small fish, such as mackerels, sardines, and anchovies.‡

NOTE: A version made of flax seed oil is also avaialble if you prefer

  Nourish Greens™ is a fast-acting phytonutritional formula using a unique and powerful combination of spices and berries native, several are involved in antioxidant processes.‡
  • Incorporating a natural source of vitamins and nutrients to support phase I and phase II liver detoxication‡
  • Incorporating a selective combination of vegetables and fruits for support of diverse physiological pathways‡
  • Including protein and amino acids that help reduce temporary fluctuations of blood sugar that may normally occur between meals‡
  • Containing flavonoids to support the immune system‡
  • Containing phytochemicals to support tissues‡
  • Using ingredients that are primarily organic or wildcrafted
  The goal of hepatic detoxication is to transform chemicals that are fat soluble into water-soluble compounds. Water-soluble compounds can then be eliminated in urine, sweat, or bile. The steps involved to carry out this process have been named phase I and phase II detoxication reactions. In phase I, the major reaction involved is hydroxylation. In phase II, the hydroxylated or other compounds produced in phase I are converted to various polar metabolites by conjugation with glucuronic acid, sulfate, acetate, or glutathione, or by methylation.

Metacrin-DX™ includes a mix of key vitamin substrates and amino acids that collectively support phase I and phase II detoxication, as well as herbs that support detoxication reactions, hepatic cell growth, and RNA synthesis.‡

  To support proper liver drainage.‡
  To support proper kidney drainage.‡
  To support proper lymphatic drainage.‡
This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.