Monterey Peninsula – A Premier Destination Location

We have provided a number of links to help acquaint you with the many activities and sights that are available on the Monterey Peninsula. The Monterey Peninsula is an incredible location to visit!

Calendar of Events
This site lists many of the upcoming local events and has additional information on a wide range of activates.

Local Attractions
This site lists many local attractions; museums, missions, lighthouses, wildlife and marine sanctuaries, local, state and national parks plus much more.

A listings Monterey Peninsula’s 36 golf courses. That says it all!

Art Galleries - Carmel

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Outdoor & Nature Activities

Monterey Peninsula Airport
The official airport web site with listings of airlines, car rentals and other services available.
Airfares directly into Monterey vary wildly. At times prices are similar to that of San Francisco (80 miles from Monterey), Oakland (75 miles from Monterey), or San Jose (55 miles from Monterey), other times Monterey tickets are a premium. Air miles are good option if you have them. Some clients fly to the other airports and rent a car. There is an airport shuttle from San Jose and San Francisco.