Choose Wisely - Your Health is Your Most Precious Asset.


Susan and Jeff Turner, the principles at Living Ayurveda, established Living Ayurveda to provide high quality, personalized, compassionate, hands-on health care. During our education and prior to opening Living Ayurveda we personally received Panchakarma at a number of clinics and institutes both here in the USA and India. While many of them had their good points, none provided what we considered to be complete quality care. Some offered a nurturing environment but prescribed near identical treatment for all clients, almost totally ignoring constitutional differences and existing health conditions. Another was more aggressive in treatment but was almost a production line of processing 8-10 clients a day. Several claimed to offer follow-up support after Panchakarma but fell far short in actually meeting that commitment. Others provided poor quality food, poorly trained massage technicians and used only generic base oils.

We have created the most personalized, individually focused, quality Panchakarma available anywhere. This attention to detail reflects in every aspect of care. Providing a safe, comfortable, professional environment for our clients allows us to help our clients to actively participate in their health care and also to cultivate the inner awareness that is necessary for good health and piece of mind.

Panchakarma is a significant investment of time, energy and money. It is important that you make a well informed decision when selecting your health care provider. Below are some key points that we suggest you consider when making your choice about where to receive Panchakarma. You will be entrusting your health to this person(s), please insure that they are worthy of this trust.

· Who will supervise and manage your Panchakarma?
· What is their training and experience?
· When and how often are you assessed during Panchakarma?
· Do they have full clinical experience or only Panchakarma exposure?
· Who will provide the actual treatments?
· What is their training and experience?
· To what degree will your Panchakarma be customized to meet your unique circumstances?
· Are follow-ups provided? Who provides follow-up consultations?

Susan and Jeff Turner, both Certified Ayurvedic Practitioners, are actively involved and administer all your treatments. Please see their biographies for a complete listing of education and experience. At Living Ayurveda you will receive a complete assessment each day and your Panchakarma plan will be modified and evolve as you progress through Panchakarma. This insures that you receive the maximum benefit from your investment.

It is essential that your care provider have clinical experience. Some clinics employ Panchakarma administrators whose only experience is in the realm of Panchakarma. Obviously you have a life outside Panchakarma where real life health issues arise. Be certain that your care provider has clinical experience so that your Panchakarma is designed with consideration given to your existing and previous health issues. At times health issue do arise during Panchakarma, be certain that your care provider is capable of addressing these needs also. We offer a complete modern medical clinic in addition to our Ayurvedic services.

Almost all institutes and clinics will tell you that customized programs are provided. To make an informed decision you need to learn the extent and what specifically is provided. At Living Ayurveda we provide the following:

Organic diet
Custom Made Organic Oils Specific to your Constitution and Health Concerns
Custom Nasya Oils
Custom Formulas
Custom Virechana
Bhaspa and Nadi Sweda with Organic Herbs
Applied Kinesiology
A large array of treatments in addition to the 5 traditional treatments that comprise Panchakarma.

Another flaw common to most institutes and clinics is to work from a fixed treatment plan. At Living Ayurveda an individual treatment plan with aggressively appropriate managed protocols is created specifically for you. This plan incorporates your specific health concerns, your goals and special attention is given your unique constitution. This plan is created after an in-depth interview and health assessment. The plan is a joint effort with your active participation to insure your needs and concerns are addressed, that we all have a common understanding of your current health profile, and that you are comfortable and completely understand both the intent and expected outcome of the specific treatments that you will receive.

Considerable cleansing momentum is created during Panchakarma and continues for several weeks. Follow-up consultations are absolutely essential to insure that you stay on-track to maximize your Panchakarma benefits. You should also receive an on-going health plan at the completion of Panchakarma. This should cover dietary choices, herbs, exercise and include the day-to-day choices that comprise your daily routine and lifestyle. Questions almost always arise after you return home. Determine if follow-up care is provided and who will provide that care. We hear from many of our clients that have received Panchakarma from other clinics that service falls short in this area, both in the quality of care and accessibility.

We will follow-up with you on a regular basis to monitor your progress making recommendations and changes in your plan as needed. Seasonal influences, travel, and any of life's challenges can attempt to interrupt our health. Follow-ups keep you moving forward and healthy. We have been personally involved with ever aspect of your care and treatment, we have a solid understanding of your concerns and can be very specific in our recommendations.

Please give careful consideration to these areas. Your health is your most precious asset. Choose wisely.