Personal Wellness – The Initial Assessment


This is the starting point for your path to health. We see patients with a diverse health and medical concerns. Many people come with a specific concern; cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, allergies, poor sleep, etc. Others with hormone concerns or pregnancy preparation. And some people want to improve their health.

While each patient's health solution is unique to them, our diagnostic process is very systematic to insure that we have a complete and accurate understanding of your health situation. We combine the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with modern medical science. We will ask you to complete a return a Health History Questionnaire prior to your first appointment. The assessment begins with a review of your current lifestyle; diet, exercise, employment, family – all major aspects of your life. We review the medical history of both you and your family. The state of health of your parents and grandparents provides insight into your genetic predisposition to health and disease. We will review your previous medical diagnostic testing, and depending upon your health issues we may request that you have additional testing performed.

We perform a physical assessment that includes a pulse evaluation. Pulse evaluation is one of Ayurveda’s unique diagnostic tools. The pulse reveals your genetic constitution and the areas where your health has deviated from balance. The pulse indicates the health of each of your body’s organs and the body’s functional systems such as the digestive, skeletal, muscles, nerves, etc. Often we use Applied Kinesiology to confirm our findings and provide more detail.

We may run a Body Composition Test. Body composition testing tells the balance of muscle and fat in your body. Recent research shows that the ratio of muscle to fat is one the best and most accurate indicators for the rate at which your body will age. It also provides insight to cell health, electrolyte/mineral balance and water compartment balance.

Giving consideration to all these findings and your activities of daily living, we design a lifestyle program specific to your needs, health and goals. As is stated on the main page, research has now shown that our daily choices contain within them genetic signal messaging that activates and even modifies our genetic code. Your program is created specifically for you to insure that your body receives the proper messages for maximum health, vitality, and energy. Along with specific dietary suggestions, menus and nutritional support, your lifestyle program will include exercise, stress reduction techniques. With you participation we set specific goals and priorities. This keeps the focus clear and our results measurable. When appropriate we may recommend massage and other forms of bodywork and meditation.

Follow up assessments insure that you are on track.Your progress relative to the goals and priorities we jointly created is monitored and adjustments are made as necessary. Sometimes as more acute issues resolve others will surface. The body makes its greatest needs known first and we address them in that order. The body has great innate intelligence, given the correct environment, nutrition, and lifestyle, the body will heal, vitality and energy increase, and all areas of your life are enhanced.

Below are therapies that may be part program depending upon your specific needs and wishes. Your consistency and commitment create your success.

Aaaaa..yurveda - 3 hours of heaven

This is all about you. Most often provided by 2 practitioners, you have 4 hands working in unison for 3 hours providing Abhiyanga (massage) Shirodhara and 2 types of extremely relaxing steam treatments, all with one focus - YOU! Massage oils are selected specifically to match your doshic constitution and health needs. The oils are custom made by us using all organic ingredients. The oils target your muscles, joints and nervous system. The massage feels absolutely incredible, and while not obvious, the massage strokes secretly incorporate contact with marma points (energy centers on the body, similar to acupuncture points) that cause the body to both release a unique set of neurotransmitter which provide profound relaxation, and toxin release. The result is a deeply relaxed and healthier you!

This treatment is perfect if you need a break from the rush of everyday life, and, we can increase the focus on detoxification should you choose to incorporate this treatment as part of a cleansing protocol.

Whatever your reason, you will find this treatment restful, invigorating, relaxing and truly rejuvenating.


The treatment is a 3 hour session and included abhiyanga, swedana, nasya and shirodhara.


There is additional benefit to leaving the oils on your body for several hours after the treatment, if you choose this option, please bring clothes accordingly. And we have shower facilities should you elect.

AbhiyangaDoshic Massage


We provide a wonderful and powerful form of Ayurvedic massage. Organic herbal oils selected to bring harmony to your physical, mental and emotional balance are formulated with botanicals to enhance and potentate their effects. We make all of our oils in-house to insure quality, purity and to insure that you have the perfect oil for your condition. The oils are warmed and applied to the body according to Ayurvedic discipline. Our treatments combine massage with marma energy point stimulation to enhance the cleansing effects. We also have over 50 essential oils that we use to incorporate aroma therapies. This Ayurvedic therapy can be provided by two therapists working in choreographed unison to bring balance and integration to both sides of the body. It feels absolutely incredible!



SwedanaHerbal Oil & Steam


A herbal decoction balanced for your constitution and applied as a steam treatment to either your entire body or local areas as best suits. Specially blended oils are applied to the body prior to steam. The steam opens the body channels allowing the herbs and oil to deeply penetrate along with their healing properties. The sweating purifies the body by removing deep seated toxins. This treatment has classically been used for arthritis as well as areas of chronic pain and leaves one feeling wonderfully relaxed.



ShirodharaA Wonderful Experience


A luxurious and deeply calming experience of having a fine stream of warm oil poured continuously on the forehead. This stimulates the release of neurotransmitters which deeply relaxes the body, melting tensions and alleviates discomfort in the head, neck and shoulder areas as well as engendering profound feelings of pleasure, inner balance and mental clarity.



NasyaDeep Healing Facial


A facial treatment using especially formulated oils combined with gentle heat. Specific marma energy points are stimulated and herbal drops are applied to the nasal passages. This technique banishes those dark circles under the eyes and alleviates intractable neck tension. It brings a fullness and freshness to the face and eyes and can relieve sinus and insomnia.


Netra Basti – Eye Care

This is a wonderful eye care. While lying on the back, a “dough nut” ring made of specific flours and water is placed around the eye. A herbal ghee is then poured into the “dough nut” and forms a pool of ghee over the eye. The technique eases and relaxes eye tension and irritation. It strengthens the eye muscles and produces clarity in vision.


Body Basti

These bastis are often quite beneficial wherever there is joint or muscle pain, As above, a wheat “dough nut” is placed around the effected area. Special medicated penetrating oils made in-house are used for this technique. An oil specific to your condition is heated and poured into the ring. The oil is then drawn off, re-heated and poured back in the ring. This is done several times, each time the oil temperature is increased as the body adjusts to the heat. These bastis are perfect for long term chronic conditions.

Udvartana – The Ultimate Body Scrub


This technique is classically used for excess physical and emotional kapha conditions that may have symptoms  similar to lethargy, depression and congestion. The technique begins with Snehana (oil) and Swedana (steam). A rough cut herb paste is placed on the skin and rubbed with great vigor, pressure and speed. The application is adjusted for each individual’s particular condition. It leaves the body and mind feeling invigorated, refreshed, alive and clear.



Lepana – Topical pastes and wraps

This technique is classically used for sprains, sore joints and stiff and aching muscles. Snehana (oil) and Swedana (steam) are first applies to the effected area. An herbal paste specific to your condition is applied. Then hot compresses steamed in an herbal decoction are laid over the paste. Fresh hot compresses are continually applied to move the herbs to the problem area.


Ayurvedic Intensive Care Ò

This is a unique service offered only at Living Ayurveda. This program specifically addresses long term debilitating conditions. A minimum of two weeks and up to six weeks in duration, daily Ayurvedic therapies are provided to interrupt and reverse the downward spiral loss of energy and vitality. All meals are provided to insure optimal nutrition. Counseling and education are a significant part of this Intensive Care Program. We have seen impressive results and great strengthening from this program.


Applied Kinesiology
Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a scientific systemized method used to gain information about the level of functionality of the body’s organs, the integrity of the body’s skeletal and muscular system and body’s response to a host of biological factors including allergies, heavy metals, pathogens, nutrition and energetic influences. We use AK diagnostically to fine tune your treatment protocol. Using herbs as an example, often several herbs may be appropriate for a particular condition, based on traditional use and application. By using AK, your body can tell us exactly which herb is best suited for you. AK evolved initially in the Chiropractic field which allows us to incorporate muscular and skeletal balancing as part of Panchakarma. The energetic influences of old mental and emotional traumas often have a big impact to health. AK is an amazingly effective tool in identifying and clearing these old issues. Again, these are services and expertise offered only at Living Ayurveda.


Jyotish - Vedic Astrology

A sister science and complimentary companion of Ayurveda, Jyotish provides amazing insight into all areas of one’s life. Challenging aspects in your physical, emotional, and mental being are often revealed as well as details, including the timing, of career, relationships and family.



Herbs, Oils, Minerals, Body Care Products and Nutritional Supplements

We offer a complete apothecary to support your path to healing. We select only the finest products from growers and suppliers we personally know, organically grown always being our first choice. We prepare many products in-house, this insures quality and potency and guarantees you receive the optimum support for your unique constitution.


Our goal at Living Ayurveda is to provide you the services, products and information to create an abundant healthful life. You will very soon experience the incredible lift in vitality, energy and awareness the comes from living in harmony with your unique constitution. Contact us today to start your exciting powerful journey to health.