To Register for Panchakarma - or if you have Questions
Step 1.

Please contact us either by phone:

Telephone: 831-375-7626
Toll Free: 877-777-1127

Or by email:

Our receptionist will schedule a time for a free Pre-Panchakarma Consultation. We will answer any questions that you might have, discuss the details of Panchakarma, the treatments you will receive and and we want to begin the conversation to understand your health concerns and the specific issues that you would like addressed during Panchakarma. Also, please let us know when you would like to come for Panchakarma.

Step 2.

We will call you for the Pre-Panchakarma Consultation . Upon completing this conversation and your decision to proceed, we will:

  1. schedule an in-depth Health Consultation Appointment·
  2. verify your Panchakarma treatment dates

We will send you a Health History Questionnaire that we ask that you complete and return before the Health Consultation Appointment.

We will also send additional information, instructions and recipes so that you can begin your preparation for Panchakarma.

Step 3.

The Health Consultation Appointment. This appointment will take approximately 1 hour, and will be a time to discuss in detail your health concerns and goals for Panchakarma. If possible, you will come to our office, otherwise the consultation can be by phone. Guided by your Health History Questionnaire, we will ask many additional questions to insure that we have a good understanding of your health concerns and goals.

Immediately following the Health Consultation Appointment we will send you specific instructions for your pre-Panchakarma preparation. You will also receive herbal formulas and supplies that will speed your preparation and actually begin the detoxification process. Your pre-Panchakarma packet will arrive in approximately 3-5 days after the consultation.

Step 4.

We will check-in with you by phone approximately 10 days before the start of your Panchakarma.

And we definitely want to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns at any time.

We wish you great health and are looking forward to assisting you in this process.