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         We had the good fortunes to receive much of our education and training in the classical Ayurvedic tradition of a one-on-one mentorship relationship and with some of the best Ayurvedic physicians both here in the USA and India. Classically, Ayurvedic Physicians prepare many of their remedies themselves. This insures that the client receives the ideal remedy and that the remedies are properly prepared.

Living Ayurveda is unique in many ways and one is that we are both a provider of health services through our clinic, and we are a manufacturer of Ayurvedic herbalized oils and formulas. We are working with our clients everyday assisting them in moving towards higher levels of health. We have the immediate feedback as to what works and what does not. We offer the following products because they have proven to be effective and practical remedies.

Organic Herbalized Oils
These are the very same oils we use in our Panchakarma clinic. Panchakarma is an intensive and expensive therapy, we work very hard to insure that clients receive the maximum benefit of their investment. One of the tools we use to create optimal healing is that we make our oils double strength. We use twice the amount of organic herbs with organic base oils plus triple-filtered reverse osmosis water to make our custom blended oils. Oil making is a time intensive labor of love, each formula requires 2-3 days to make. These oils are perfect to use as is everyday as part of your own personal plan for health, and since they are double strength, you can mix them with a base oil if you choose. Another plus is that we infuse subtle essential oils to add the therapeutic benefit of aroma therapy to an already doubly powerful remedy.

We maintain an inventory of over 100 individual bulk organic herbs. These organic herbs originate from Indian, South American and domestic growers and wild crafters. All herbs are laboratory certified for purity. We manage our inventory quite closely to insure a quick turnover keeping everything fresh and potent. All herbs are available by the ounce, or we will custom mix a formula to your specifications.

We are proud to offer the Banyan Botanicals product line. Banyan is one of the oldest providers of Ayurvedic herbs and formulas in the USA. They set the standard for purity and quality control in the nutritional supplement industry. As classically trained Ayurvedic physicians, our preference is to custom blend herbal formulas and provide them in powdered form to our clients. We also are quite aware that we live in a "pill oriented" culture. Banyan Botanicals has been an invaluable partner and asset in providing these effective formulas in convenient pill form. Banayn Botanicals

Raintree Nutrition. Inc., not only offers an exceptional product line, but they are working very hard to help save the rain forests of South America. All their herbs are sustainable harvested by the native tribes of the rain forest under the supervision of the tribe's shaman. These herbs have a potency that often exceeds that of even organically grown herbs. This is simply because these herbs are grown in the pristine environment that is the rain forest.

Nutri-West offers a broad and diverse product lime. Nutri-West products are unique from several perspectives. Many of their formulas have been created by holistic physicians, practitioners that interface with their clients everyday. These are proven formulas. Another unique aspect is that many of Nutri-West's formula are synergistically formulated, they contain all the components that the body needs to fully utilize these nutrients. This allows Nutri-West to actually use less of each component in the formula, yet the body receives a higher usable dose because everything the body needs to digest, absorb and assimilate is contained in the formula. This is a very efficient methodology plus lessens the load on the digestive tract.

We stock a full range of products from these manaufacturers. Please contact us with your specific needs.

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