Home Cleanse

Panchakarma Lite!

The Home Cleanse Program is created just for you and your particular concerns! Everything is included for you to have a simplified and less expensive version of a classical Panchakarma. All treatment and food supplies are included and 100% organic! We will design a program that addresses your health issues and goals, and works with the time you have available.

We meet for two consultations, once to plan your treatment protocol, prepare your herbal formulas and train you to do your self-treatments and routines. A complete list is below. We will meet again during your Home Cleanse to monitor your progress. The combination of the herbal formulas, treatments and routines cause the body’s organs to release their stored toxins and bring them to the digestive tract. It may be appropriate towards the end of your cleanse to take purgative herbs to sweep the toxins from the digestive tract that have accumulated there during the cleanse. Basti handles this task for many people.


The Panchakarma treatments are an important part of Panchakarma. You may want to consider supplementing some of the home self-treatments with treatments at our clinic. Did we mention they feel wonderful! Particularly Abhiyanga (massage) is important as the massage strokes incorporate stimulating specific energy points, called Marmas, in a specific order. This increases the release of both toxins and the level of relaxation.

And relaxation is an essential part of Panchakarma. Without question, the more relaxed the body, the greater the amount and depth of cleanse. If you live farther away and cannot come to the clinic, we will help you select bodywork locally that will provide similar cleansing effect.

The combination of the diet, herbs and treatments provide a total body cleansing. This leaves you with improved digestion, a clearer mind, increased energy and a greatly deduced toxic burden. The mind, body and spirit are unchained and now free to pursue your hopes, dreams and aspirations!

Program Cost: $475.00
Includes everything! Two consultations to plan, monitor and support your cleanse. All organic treatment and food supplies.


Training for These Self-Treatment Routines
  Body Oiling & Massage Nasya
  Hot Bath & Steam Morning Routine
  Basti Yoga Pose/Stretching Recommendations

Home Cleanse Detox Kit - All Organic!

  Custom Blended Body Oil, 8 oz. Sesame Oil, 8 oz.
  Detox Liver/Kidney Formula Digestive Formula
  Basti Formula Triphala
  Enema Bag Cotton Tea Bag
Organic Kitcheri Kit - 7 Day Supply
  Split Mung Beans Basmati Rice
  Kitcheri Spices Ghee
Optional Panchakarma Treatments that can be be added to the Home Cleanse
No. of treatments
  Abhiyanga        1 Therapist      1 hr.
   Abhiyanga      2 Therapists   1 hr.
   Abhiyanga        & Swedana         1 Therapist, 2 hrs.
Abhiyanga & Swedana                2 Therapist, 2 hrs.
 Aaaaaa..yurveda    1 Therapist, 3 hrs
Aaaaaa..yurveda   2 Therapists, 3 hrs

Aaaaaaa..yurveda - 3 hours of heaven

This is all about you. Most often provided by 2 practitioners, you have 4 hands working in unison for 3 hours providing Abhiyanga (massage) Shirodhara and 2 types of extremely relaxing steam treatments, all with one focus - YOU! Massage oils are selected specifically to match your doshic constitution and health needs. The oils are custom made by us using all organic ingredients. The oils target your muscles, joints and nervous system. The massage feels absolutely incredible, and while not obvious, the massage strokes secretly incorporate contact with marma points (energy centers on the body, similar to acupuncture points) that cause the body to both release a unique set of neurotransmitter which provide profound relaxation, and toxin release. The result is a deeply relaxed and healthier you!

This treatment is perfect is you need a break from the rush of everyday life, and we can increase the focus on detoxification should you choose to incorporate this treatment as part of a cleansing protocol.

Whatever your reason, you will find this treatment restful, invigorating, relaxing and truly rejuvenating.


The treatment is a 3 hour session and included abhiyanga, swedana, nasya and shirodhara.


Abhiyanga Doshic Massage

We provide a wonderful and powerful form of Ayurvedic massage. Organic herbal oils selected to bring harmony to your physical, mental and emotional balance are formulated with botanicals to enhance and potentate their effects. We make all of our oils in-house to insure quality, purity and to insure that you have the perfect oil for your condition. The oils are warmed and applied to the body according to Ayurvedic discipline. Our treatments combine massage with marma energy point stimulation to enhance the cleansing effects. We also have over 50 essential oils that we use to incorporate aroma therapies. This Ayurvedic therapy can be provided by two therapists working in choreographed unison to bring balance and integration to both sides of the body. It feels absolutely incredible!


Swedana Herbal Oil & Steam

A herbal tea is made and applied as a steam treatment. Two types of steam treatments are available. The steam can be applied to just specific areas of concern, such as the back and joints. And you can sit in a steam cabinet where the entire body is steamed. The steam opens the body channels allowing the herbs and oil to deeply penetrate along with their healing properties. The sweating purifies the body by removing deep seated toxins. This treatment has classically been used for arthritis as well as areas of chronic pain and leaves one feeling wonderfully relaxed.



Shirodhara A Wonderful Experience

A luxurious and deeply calming experience of having a fine stream of warm oil poured continuously on the forehead. This stimulates the release of neurotransmitters which deeply relaxes the body, melting tensions and alleviates discomfort in the head, neck and shoulder areas as well as engendering profound feelings of pleasure, inner balance and mental clarity.