Services We Offer


Initial Assessment, typically 1 to 2 hr. This includes a


complete health and pulse evaluation with medical history


to insure we have complete understanding of your primary


health concerns.


You will receive a complete health plan with


specific recommendations about nutritional and


herbal support, dietary recommendation – what


to eat and avoid, recipes, exercise, yoga and


lifestyle recommendations



Follow-up Appointments


Length of follow-up appointments are dependent upon your


needs and complexity of care. They are book in 15 minute

increments are are prorated at a ratre of $


Snehana- Ayurvedic Massage


1 Practitioner


2 Practitioners



Swedana–1½ hour


Includes light snehana and both Nadi (directed


medicated steam) and Bashba (steam box)


Shirodhara– 45 minutes


Includes neck and face massage.  





Includes face massage.


Dosha Pacification – 2 1/2-3 hr.


Includes Abhiyanga, both Nadi and Bashna


Swedana, Shirodhara and Nasya.


1 Practitioner for Abhiyanga and Swedana w/Shirodhara


1 Practitioner for Abhiyanga and Swedana w/oShirodhara



2 Practitioners for Abhiyanga and Swedana w/Shirodhara


2 Practitioners for Abhiyanga and Swedana w/oShirodhara



Basti–Uro(chest) or Kati(back)


As a separate treatment


(additive to other therapies)





Custom made medicated ghees at additional


costs if required.


Marma Chikitsa



Ayurvedic Polarity




$35 to $75

Includes brief snehana, swedana, poltice


and wrap.


Panchakarma – 7 days


Panchakarma will be specifically designed to


address your individual needs and health cond-


ition. Includes; daily assessment, all meals and


beverages, all treatments, private yoga instruc-


tion, private counseling session. Please ask for


complete details.


Additional days


Special Diet